Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport (CPH)

CPH Airport

About CPH Airport

Copenhagen Kastrup (IATA: OSL, ICAO: ENGM) is the primary airport of Denmark that is serving Copenhagen the capital and the biggest city in this country. The Airport is located on the island of Amager 8 km south from Copenhagen. It's a hub for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Copenhagen Kastrup serves more that 150 domestic and international destinations.

SAS plane flies from CPH



Runways: 3600m, 3300 m, 2800m.

Operator: Københavns Lufthavne A/S

Address: Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, DK 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

Phone: +45 32 313 231, Fax: +45 32 313 132

Opening Hours: 00:00 - 24:00 (24 / 7)

Arrivals and Departures Online

MUNICH 12:45 LH2440 Landed
LONDON/STANSTED 12:50 FR2618 Baggage
London/LHR 12:50 SK502 Baggage
BOLOGNA 12:55 SK2684 Baggage
CHICAGO 13:00 SK944 Landed
Paris/CDG 13:00 SK566 Landed
MANCHESTER 13:05 SK540 Baggage
London/LHR 13:05 BA804 On Time
Doha 13:10 AY1986 Landed
BUCHAREST 13:15 W43113 On Time
ISTANBUL/IST 13:15 TK1781 Landed
FRANKFURT 13:20 SK640 On Time
MADRID 13:20 FR607 On Time
HAMBURG 13:25 SK1648 On Time
MILAN/MALPENSA 13:25 SK1686 On Time
BRISTOL 13:30 EZY2931 On Time
Berlin 13:30 D83303 On Time
AMSTERDAM 13:35 KL1129 Cancelled
FRANKFURT 13:40 LH828 On Time
Istanbul/SAW 13:45 TK7874 On Time
ROME 13:45 D83731 On Time
KRISTIANSAND 13:45 SK2987 On Time
TALLINN 12:40 SK1786 Closed
VILNIUS 12:40 SK1742 Closed
AMSTERDAM 12:45 SK547 Closed
BOSTON 12:50 SK927 Closed
WARSAW 12:55 SK2761 Closed
BUDAPEST 13:00 W62252 Closed
REYKJAVIK 13:05 FI205 To gate
GDANSK 13:05 W61742 Closed
TRONDHEIM 13:05 SK2882 Closed
HELSINKI 13:05 AY954 Closed
STOCKHOLM/ARN 13:10 SK1422 Boarding
LUXEMBOURG 13:10 LG5438 Closed
LONDON/STANSTED 13:15 FR2619 Closed
FRANKFURT 13:20 LH827 To gate
MUNICH 13:25 LH2441 On Time
Lelystad 13:30 WX9041 On Time
FRANKFURT 13:30 NJE313U On Time
PALANGA 13:35 SK2746 Boarding
FRANKFURT 13:40 SK675 To gate
BRUSSELS 13:40 SK1593 Boarding
BORNHOLM 13:40 DX040 To gate
GDANSK 13:40 SK759 Boarding
BUCHAREST 13:45 W43114 On Time
Scan. Mountains 13:45 SK2271 To gate
OSLO 13:45 SK458 To gate
London/LHR 13:50 BA805 On Time
BANGKOK 13:50 TG951 Boarding
AARHUS 13:55 SK1257 To gate

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